{September 15, 2011}   Greenville’s Spice of Life

Just one look around Downtown will tell you…Greenvillians love good food! And not just any kind of food, we want flavors as diverse and unique as our city! If your taste buds crave something with a little spice to appeal to your inner world-traveler, Downtown Greenville offers a plethera of delectable culinary options.

 If you love the succulent flavors of India, then you’ll discover curry heaven at Handi Indian Cuisine. Just follow your nose to discover their Main Street location. With traditional entrees slow-cooked to release its natural aromas and flavors and drenched in flavorful spices, Handi offers a menu that appeals to vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike. Combine your dinner with a complimenting beer or wine and you’ll swear you’ve found nirvana!

If you like your curry coupled with a little Caribbean jerk…then Jamaica Twist (also located on Main Street) is the place for you! Divulge in the rich flavors of authentic Caribbean food while relaxing with regulars and listening to a selection of Bob Marley classics. Try the Curried Goat, my favorite (just watch for all the little bones) and top it off with a tropical tea. If you want something a little stronger, ask the bartender to mix up something with rum…and soon you’ll have “No problems, Mon.”

If you like your spice in the form of cayenne and file’, then take a trip to the Bayou, by way of Ford’s Oyster House and Cajun Kitchen. A relative newcomer to the Downtown restaurant scene, this culinary delight is the brainchild of Green Room owner, Jason Fletcher. Located in Greenville’s West End, Ford’s offers fresh oysters from all over the Eastern seaboard (and served with a bottle of hot sauce…of course). Their Cajun-inspired menu, with the best Red Beans and Rice outside the Crescent City, will make you think you’ve detoured onto Bourbon Street!

If you prefer a menu with an exotic Mediterranean flavor, then The Lazy Goat, located at Riverplace, will transport you to the Spice Road of the Middle East. You’ll be greeted at the door by the mouth-watering aroma of their handmade pasta and sauces. For a real treat, have your meal served on their outdoor patio, with gorgeous views of the Reedy River. Watch out for the fried goat cheese…it’s so addicting, you may end up doing a stint in rehab!

With such a diversity of culinary delights, Downtown Greenville offers the perfect opportunity to take your taste buds on a world tour…and you don’t even need your passport! Enjoy!


Hi — This is Carla Field, managing editor at I’ve been trying to find a way to reach you to ask if you would be interested in a partnership with WYFF. It would be non-monetary, but we have a huge audience (on average about 10 million pageviews per month) and we’d love to showcase all your great work.

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Hi Carla!
Sorry for the delay, but I just found your comment post! I am going to email you with “I am Downtown Greenville Girl” in the subject, so you’ll know it’s me! I look forward to speaking with you!

Have a great day!
Joy, Downtown Greenville Girl

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